Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My Job Hunting Tips And Advice

1.Apply for as many jobs as possible everyday/look everyday too (it might seem a lot but if you really are desperate then it's worth doing!)

2.Don't EVER give up!.

3.Don't get down about things they will pick up soon.

4.Stay positive I know it's easier said than done but do it you're not the only one in the same position.

5.Use as many sites as possible (I'll list the ones I know below).

6.Use Google to search.

7.Look in shops/hand out your CV.

8.Send out your CV to companies.

9.Look on company sites it's always worth looking.

10.Don't go to Seetec it's an employment place but it's crap if you sign at the jobcentre and they suggest it don't go! huge waste of time,the advisers are rubbish and you get no help at all I went on it for 2 years :O was so glad when it ended. They just plonk you on a computer and leave you to it not helpful at all.

11.Don't let job rejections get you down because so many people apply and they can't take on everyone obviously! haha but it's better to know,than to not get a reply at all because that happens a lot which bugs me but not much I can do.

12.Even if you aren't looking for retail or shop work take on volunteering in a charity shop to gain more experience in the workplace,get more confidence and to meet new people it really does help! the jobcentre will like it and it looks good on your CV!.

13.Update your CV as much as you can to sell yourself to companies and put your most recent employment first.

14.If you get interviews don't ask the pay ever I learnt that from Shaw Trust and haven't asked since! they'll just think you want money and aren't interested in the job.

15.Research the company as much as possible to show knowledge and interest.

16.Keep smiling.

17.Believe in yourself and surround yourself with positive people :)

18.Find a hobby because you will get so bored and have so much time so find something you're interested in to keep you busy.

19.Don't feel bad if you get an interview but not the job because getting an interview is something and you learn from them if you think they didn't go well I've been there.

20.Don't lose hope it will happen soon and stay positive.

21.Make a job searching timetable.

Job Sites.
Total jobs
Vacancy central
Freeport careers
CV library
All the top bananas

I hope these tips help and good luck with your search.

Lush Big Bang Bubblebar Review

I wanted to try the valentine's day unicorn horn but it had sold out sadtimes :( so I got the big bang bubble bar and it didn't disappoint! I love the colours blue,the pink star in the middle and yellow round the side,it smells amazing and turned the water a nice blue.

It has grapefruit oil for uplifting and refreshing,avocado butter for nourishing and hydrating,tangerine oil for uplifting fragrance and tones the skin and it also has lemon myrtle oil which you can really smell when in the bath. It costs £3.75 I know seems a lot and some people aren't lush fans,though I do think you get more baths out of bubble bars because you crumble a bit under the tap.

Unless you'd rather use all of it at once then that's up to you but I like to save mine so I can get as many baths out of it as possible!. I like the name as it reminds me of the big bang theory (it might be where the name came from I don't know!) though I don't normally go by what the names are I normally go by smell! or if they're colourful.

Thanks for reading.


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